Postal, Parcel & Storage Industry Products

Cluster Mailboxes And Parcel Collection Boxes

Alpha Products has several partners in the Postal and Parcel Industries, including Postal Products Unlimited, a large distributor of all products related to mail delivery. Alpha manufactures many of their products, including the USPS Approved 4C High Security Box, the USPS Approved F-Spec Cluster Box Unit, and the Mail Vault. Together, Alpha and Postal Products are one of only three licensed providers of the F-Spec Cluster Box Units.

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Alpha manufactured a majority of the DHL Parcel Collection Boxes currently used in the United States. By showing an improved quality and comparable pricing to overseas competitors, Alpha won 50% of the initial contract and 100% of a secondary order.

Shelving & Storage

Alpha is also a custom manufacturer of storage and shelving products used in the parcel sorting and storage industries. Alpha is capable of a wide range of shelving and cart configurations for any application and can assist in the design process.