Alpha has a proven track record of defense and government work as a supplier for US and allied militaries.

Some of our core products include:

  • RPG and shoulder-fired missile components
  • M203 grenade launcher parts including the M203 quadrant sight
  • Cart & shelving products for various defense companies
  • SATCOM components including reflectors and mounting brackets
  • M9 and M16 magazines
  • FAL magazines and various FAL rifle components
  • Fabricated assemblies including enclosures, and more

With our team of skilled engineers utilizing the most modern technology, Alpha is capable of a wide variety of military-grade custom fabrications and programs.

M9 & M16 Magazines

M203 Quadrant Sight

SATCOM Components

FAL Rifle 20 Round Magazine

Folding Vilon Cover

Steel Pallets

FAL Rifle 30 Round Magazine

Custom Storage, Shelving and Carts